Testimonial 5

After acupuncture, the pain in my knees reduced and I was able to sleep better as a result. I kept up with treatment, and once I was out of pain, I began feeling healthier all around. I have more energy too!

Testimonial 4

I had been taking over the counter allergy medications for my seasonal allergies for over a decade and I never really felt like they worked. Since getting acupuncture and natural treatment, I no longer need the allergy medications at all. I feel so much better, and I...

Testimonial 1

As a patient for nearly 4 years, I consider my appointments with Quinn an essential component of my preventative healthcare routine. He is pleasant, caring, and attentive. Can’t recommend him enough!

Testimonial 2

MindBody Integrative is the place to go if you are looking for solutions that address the root of the problem and finally live your life. Acupuncture is amazing at naturally treating chronic pain and many other common problems like headaches, depression, anxiety,...

Testimonial 3

Quinn is amazing and has been helping me for a few months treating anxiety and mild depression. I felt a complete difference after the first session and still continue to feel better since starting my treatments. Acupuncture is a godsend. I highly recommend Quinn and...